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Migraine Headaches


If you experience migraines that impact daily-life at least once a month TMS may be an effective treatment for you.  Many patients do not experience complete satisfied with drug therapy for migraine treatment or experience a number of medication side effects.

Classic Migraines: Commence with warning signs such as flashing lights and colors. In some cases, people experience double-vision or temporary, partial blindness. One may also experience a prickly, burning, or even a weak sensation on one side of the body. These symptoms may last about 15 to 30 minutes either before or in conjunction with throbbing head pains.

Common Migraines: Occur without warning signs. Common Migraines may commence more slowly than classic migraines, but may persist longer. The pains vary in location, but are generally localized to only one side of the head.


  • TMS has been successful at reducing the frequency and duration of migraines in patients.
  • Relief from migraines was accomplished as an additional feature to the treatment protocols for depression.
  • 10-20 high frequency TMS treatments administered over the left prefrontal cortex is the typical treatment protocol for TMS.
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*At this time, TMS is not FDA-approved for the treatment of migraine headaches, which would be considered an off-label application.