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Tinnitus is a neurological condition where there is a perception of noises in the ear which does not originate from an acoustic signal in the environment.

It may consist of buzzing, ringing or hissing sounds heard in one or both ears.

Tinnitus usually appears in the second part of life, after 60 years. As a result, it often accompanies the hearing loss of high frequencies related to aging (presbyacousis), and hearing loss related to exposure to extreme noise either in the work enviornment (construction workers, musicians) or during leisure activities like hunting and concerts.

MRI imaging has shown that chronic tinnitus is associated with an increase in activity of the temporo-parietal cerebral cortex. This fact has lead to use of TMS to relieve tinnitus, with encouraging results.

*At this time, TMS is not FDA-approved for the treatment of post-stroke recovery, which would be considered an off-label application.